Fall 🍁

But I’m not really taking about the season. My running schedule is a dang mess right now. The weather has been terrible and the rain is nonstop. I decided today, no matter what, I’m getting some miles in.

11:30am= my running opportunity! I’ve been dressed all morning. I fed the Boy and headed out. It’s misting on and off but I do not care. I knew the trails would be a disaster so I decided to go a different way today. I’m still going to hit up the trails but Only towards the end of the run since there will be some areas that may be a bit difficult to navigate. Great plan!

55 minutes into my run and I fall. I eat it hard and overextend my right leg. DAAANNNGGG IIIITTTTT! 🤣! I get up and check out my gracefulness and I’m so happy no one else was around. I’m a dang mess! Now, my nose is running, my hammy is super tight and I’m a muddy mess. No biggie, I’m on my way back home.

The culprit!

Okay, I shake myself off and laugh about how much stability and coordination I have and I almost eat it again! These puddles are monstrous and the mud is layers deep so it’s incredibly slippery.

Anyone want a mud pie?

I take another minute to gain some composure and then I’m a bit upset that no one is around to laugh at this entire situation with me. I’m a dang mess.

It’s starting to rain 🌧. I need to shag arse and get to pounding the trails so I can get home because in all my infinite wisdom, I did not wear any rain gear and it’s chilly and wet!

I get home about 20 minutes later and I have to change in the foyer as to not drag all the mud and sand from the outside to the inside of the house. However, even with all the sand, dirt, rain and shaky hammy, I cannot express enough how happy I am to have had the opportunity to run today!

Happy trails!



The weather is definitely changing here. I’m already having to layer it up a bit. No biggie! I can handle it.

I was able to hit up a 6.5 miler today before I dive into the mounds of reading I have. I wanted to run a bit longer today but there was a dang river of mud that I couldn’t cross. I tried and got stuck so I decided it simply wasn’t worth it. The great thing is, I think I came up with a thesis idea! I’ve been tossing a few things around but I think I’ve settled on the topic of runners with disabilities but I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to go with it. Anyone have any ideas?

I won’t start working on my thesis until the summer but I wanted to get some ideas out there. Since I’m working on my MA in Anthropology, I have a lot of wiggle room. I wanted to take the medical route with my ideas but I also wanted to include something that’s interesting to me, like running so I figured this was the best way to do it. Again, anyone have any ideas?

Okay, off to tackle some reading!



Hair and Internet

Did I brush my hair today? I have no idea. I did brush my teeth and wash my face and change out of pajamas and into somewhat normal clothes, if an old ratty shirt and sweats count. So at least there’s that. Am I running today? No way but I did run yesterday. It was a bit shorter than I wanted but no biggie! The trails were a muddy mess because it’s been storming here and I ran to grab the Boy from school so 4.67 miles is better than no miles. What do 3.5 year olds learn in school? Do they just play all day? I have no idea.

Speaking of storms, this last storm that hit us not only flooded the streets (totally normal) but lightning hit and fried the router. That’s right, the one thing that is needed and it ended up fried. Thank goodness it was fixed yesterday because now I’m playing catch up with all my class work that has been delayed. Ohhhh, how’s school you ask? Holy moly. This program is intense and there is loads of reading which is why I’m not sure if I’ve brushed my hair today and at this point, I don’t care. It’s currently 11:54am and I’ve been working since 5:00am and I’m not even close to being done. But it’s worth it, right? Good grief, I hope so! I’m totally kidding! This program is super interesting and I’m thoroughly enjoying mostly everything but it’s intense.

Okay, back to it!


A genius hard at work 🤣!


It’s raining today and I’m not talking about a little sprinkle. I mean, the street is flooding and the wind is ridiculous. Am I running today? No. Am I upset about it? Nah. I have so much school work that I’m sure I can occupy my time. Not only that but I can hang out with the Boy today and watch cartoons. Right now we’re watching Oddbods. It’s a Halloween episode and it’s funny. Now, if you’ve never seen this show, you’re missing out on top quality entertainment.

I was able to hit up a great run on Friday. It was a bit shorter than normal, only 4.5 miles but it was a great pace. I ran to go pick up the Boy from school then we went for a nice slow walk home. As the weather changes here, there will be a bit more times that I won’t be able to run outside. Normally, I’ll run through any weather. The only times I refuse to run is if the wind is ridiculous and/or if it’s already raining. The reason for this is because it’s already really cold and running in the rain is not a good combo. If it’s windy I choose not to run because it hurts my ears and freaks me out a bit. I don’t know why but I’ve always had this irrational fear of losing my hearing.

As the day moves forward, I’m truly enjoying just taking the day off, watching cartoons and hanging out with the Boy. Sometimes, that’s the best path to take.


Rain, rain, go away ☔️


Nothing beats starting the day with a great run especially when that day is the celebration of the day of your birth. That’s right, 41 years today, the world was graced with my presence 🤣. Just kidding! But it really is my birthday and I was able to pound out 7.7 miles while listening to Medical Murders Podcast. I only saw a few runners today but there are loads of people out picking mushrooms. Tis the season here in Poland. Mushrooms are serious business here!

I’m definitely not where I want to be in life but I’m so grateful that I’m 100% healthy. I have no medical issues at all and I’m still incredibly active. The occasional headache or funk may slow me down for a few days but I recover quickly with no lingering symptoms or issues. I am hoping this doesn’t change dramatically, even with age 👵🏻. I want to be that old lady tearing up the trails! 🤣. So, here’s to another year. Another year full of running and adventures!


Breaking all the rules!


Today was my first day back! With my crazy grad school schedule and general daily things to do, my running and workout schedule has suffered, not to mention I got sick! I never get sick but it finally got me (not COVID). I’m still congested and my run today was a bit slower than normal but it was wonderful. The sun was out and it was really warm. The trails were clear of people and I had a great podcast to listen to. Today’s podcast, This Podcast Will Kill You, was fabulous! It was an episode on HSV-1 and HSV-2 and it gave me an idea for my thesis. I don’t know if I’ll truly be able to work it but I’m going to start looking into it now. Although I wasn’t able to workout today, I got a killer run in and that’s the most important part! 🤣


Happy wrinkly eyes 👀 🙂

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run today and I certainly need it. This week has been a mess. I’ve not been able to run at all since last Sunday and I was only able to get one workout in this week. I started a masters program this week, signing up my son for preschool has been hectic, purchasing all the supplies needed for school as well as going clothes shopping for the sudden weather change and growth spurt and dealing with the absolutely horrendous weather all week so I haven’t had time at all to trek out on a run. However, that all changed today. The weather is still complete crap but I was able to head out and pound out a nice and even 7.65 miles. Whew, I needed it. It was a smooth run. I was able to find my groove quickly. I had a good pace and I was able to decompress. This is what running is all about! This is why I run.

As I tuned into The Sam Gash Podcast I was able to tune out of this crazy week. The amount of reading required for my masters program is insane and it’s been a tough week trying to find the right balance. I needed to get out and clear my head. I needed to take some time for myself and regroup.

The trails were super muddy, as it’s been raining nonstop here and the air is heavy but the temperature has dropped and it’s really cool which makes for great running weather. My ability to quickly find a comfortable pace made my run even better. I felt as if I could run a marathon today but since it was supposed to dump rain, again, I didn’t have a lot of time to pound the trails. I immediately felt peaceful and at ease. I feel like now I’m reset so I can tackle another week of chaos. As I’m sitting here attempting to read for class, I’m itching to put my muddy shoes back on and hit the trails but I won’t since it’s pitch black outside and dumping rain. But this is why I run. This is it. To take time for me, decompress and reset so I can conquer whatever situation life throws at me.


Muddy trails=Happiness

Trees 🌲 🌳

I do not understand why the forest is being torn down here in Poland! 😡😡😡 Why?! As if there needs to be another shopping mall or new blocks of flats! There is absolutely no reason for it! 😡

I believe this will all soon be cleared 😫😡
This entire dirt area was completely full of trees last week 😡🦌🐦

What a disaster. 😡😫🦌🐦



Mile #1: Why am I out running today? My breathing is all over the place and my legs are super stiff. I don’t want to be out here today. I should’ve stayed my arse at home!

Mile #2: Okay, I’ll take a bit of a different route. I’ll add some trails and explore. I’m still so dang stiff though. I could turn around and go home.

Mile #3: I’m glad I’ve already gotten my workout done today. Maybe that’s why I’m so sluggish.

Mile #4: A deer just jumped out in front of me! I’m sorry dude! I didn’t mean to startle you. 🦌

Mile #5: It’s a perfect day for running. I have no idea why I’m whining and complaining. Oh yeah, my legs are still super heavy and sluggish. Just push on a little more, one more mile.

Mile #6: I’m exiting the forest and I have no idea why parts of the forest are being chopped and flattened. Why?! Does there really need to be more apartments or shopping centers?! 😡

Mile #7&8: UGH. 😫

Mile #9: I’m finally starting to even out and enjoy this run. The bugs are minimal and the weather is perfect. Come on chubby legs! Let’s go!

Mile #10&11: I can’t believe my normal daily run is over the 10 mile mark. That wasn’t the intention today. Make it a 13 miler today. Maybe this way all the sluggishness and grumpiness can be ran out.

Mile #12&13: I guess today is as good as any to run a half marathon. Since all running events have been canceled, I’ll just make my own event where only whiners and complainers are allowed. 🤣

Mile #13.4: I went a little over but good thing it’s done! Now that it’s over, I love running again and can’t wait to lace up and pound the trails tomorrow. 👍😉


Sunday Runday

Every runner is an athlete but not every athlete is a runner. I believe that.

Sundays are always reserved for my long run days. Rarely do I miss a Sunday. This is the most important run day for me. It’s the day that I know I can run for as long as I want at any speed. It’s the one day that I solely focus on my run. Since all running events are cancelled this year, I’m not training for anything, I’m just running. I ran 10 miles today at a pretty slow pace. It’s really hot today so I took it easy. I’m able to listen to whatever I want, which is usually podcasts. Today it was Serial Killers followed by The Sam Gash podcast. Along with listening I was thinking about all the incredible people I’ve met during my lifelong running obsession. I remember when running was not popular and you’d see the same runners at all the running events. As with most things, there’s been an explosion of people who take up running. Social media has certainly been a catalyst for this, which is wonderful!

I’m from Southern California but I currently live in Poland and there aren’t many runners at all, especially women. When I run with the stroller and my son I get odd looks from most people and I’ve even been stopped and questioned by the police because it’s an unusual thing here. 🚔 Anyway, it gets incredibly warm in So Cal but being in the northern hemisphere brings an intensity to the sun that gets me every dang time! A large portion of my run is through the forest and it’s shaded so I get some relief but the minute I step out of the forest and into the sun, I’m parched and dying. 🤣🔥. It’s like the fiery depths of hell. I wanted to quit, so I walked for a few minutes. I wanted to turn around and go home but I didn’t. I pushed through to finish and I’m glad I did. We’re our own worst critics so I’m sure I would’ve dwelled on my laziness.

As I was complaining and whining to myself and thinking how bad I have it on my self imposed run in the heat 🤣, I thought about how much I truly love running in the heat rather than running in the cold. No matter what negative thoughts I have while I’m running, I know that it is my go to. I love the freedom and solitude of running!


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